• Everything is now on sale online because buyers are available everywhere which you can talk and sell your desired goods to them. Even these days jewelry can also be sold out online because there are many jewelers and even individuals who might be interested in buying your jewelry. Most people who are aware of the original and duplicate jewelry and can check the original jewelry by themselves easily can buy your jewelry online.

    If you have decided to sell jewelry you can either find jewelers or you can sell those jewelry through free classifieds to individual buyers as well. These days everything is being sold on classified website which is why you will have no issues in selling your jewelry but since it’s a costly thing to sell you might get some difficulty in selling your jewelry. Because in most cases you might be asked if you are selling original jewelry or not.

    Well, this is common behavior from buyers because they just wanted to be sure that they are actually buying original because they actually don’t have any experience in identifying jewelry. On classified website the process of selling your old jewelry is simple and because the jewelry prices don’t drop based on the jewelry is old or new so you will get full price. The good idea is to get your jewelry polished so it looks newer at the time.

    Selling your jewelry to jewelers is another great idea which can also be found on classified website because there are lots of jewelry shops listed on the site which are selling jewelry online or offline. You can just find the nearest jewelry showroom and reach out to them to sell your jewelry easily. Once you figure out which showroom you want to visit to sell your jewelry you can actually sell your jewelry on the present jewelry rates.

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  • Buying a jewelry through online websites are quite risky thing to buy for some people but these days almost one third population of jewelry buyer are now buying jewelry from various online jewelry stores. These days everybody wanted to save time rather than spending time in finding stores and searching for a right jewelry set. Well, sometimes shopping on jewelry stores could be much more fun than buying online but, in most cases, it is time consuming way to buy jewelry.

    Offline showrooms are quite popular which we can’t compare with online jewelry shopping because most people always prefer buying jewelry from stores itself. This doesn’t make online jewelry sites a myth because these days everything is now being sold online and this thing is a big buying thing on festivals. There are several different platforms available to buy jewelry online easily because most of them are trustworthy now a day.

    There are sites like bluestone and many others who are selling quality jewelry online and ship to the address of the buyer easily. These days almost every person who is busy enough to can’t spend time on buying jewelry on stores specially on festivals would always feel better to shop online. There are several websites which are known for their quality jewelry shipping, they also provide bill of the jewelry so that people could claim the authenticity of the jewelry.

    Most jewelers those who provide authentic jewelry often provide bill in written that what karat gold is being delivered to their customer which is even more convenient option to buy and easily believe the jeweler showroom. There is one more way to search jewelry showrooms online via free classifieds and web directories for those who don’t believe even now in buying jewelry online through websites. They might have doubt about the shipping or may be the trust issue which might get solved by shopping only.

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  • If you are searching for a customer service executive job, you can look at free classifieds for relevant job vacancy postings. The qualities that must be possessed to acquire such jobs are good communication skills and interpersonal skills, being a good listener with the ability to solve problems by offering solutions.

    Yes, the company that one works for will provide the employee with the necessary training but one needs to have a knack of it to make the work simpler. Practically all companies have a customer service department in which they hire candidates for the role of customer service executives. Some of the customers who contact the customer service department are in distress as they have lost something valuable.

    Let’s take the example of a user having lost a debit card and contacting the debit card customer service department of that particular bank. The user is already in stress on having lost his or her card. The customer care executive should have patience and should be able to handle the situation and solve the problem with softness and clarity at the same time. Other functions of such executives include answering inquiries, providing information, taking orders and resolving complaints. Such jobs are posted in the category of online jobs too by recruitment firms handling the recruitments for their clients.

    Also, in some cases, such jobs are provided as a work from home job too. It all depends on the type of customer service executive job that you are looking for. If you are looking for part-time jobs, those are also available in the plenty. One just needs to put correct keywords to get a display of job postings that is relevant and suits one’s needs. Then, other options to find such jobs is to contact the HR department of companies directly or to look out at online job portals in which a huge number of such vacancies are posted.

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  • The television has seen massive changes not only in the way it looks but in technology too. Smart TVs are in demand nowadays. So, if you are planning to buy the latest television or TV and don’t know what to do with your existing one, we would suggest you to sell it off online. The whole process has become very easy with so many websites operational that deals with second-hand goods. A simple search over the internet will give you access to a number of such sites. One of the options inclusive of this search is the free classifieds option where one can very conveniently and without any hassles buy and sell in a variety of categories including electronics under which you can sell off your old television or TV.

    With just an account in these classifieds, one can post an advertisement for sale of their old TV with all the relevant details and a few good photographs. The interested buyers who are also registered users of that particular classifieds will contact you and then the talks can get further by either meeting in person. The one advantage of using free classifieds is that you can find a number of buyers for your TV locally only. There are also owners of second-hand stores or scrap dealers that can contact you with the purpose to buy your television.

    Just take note that before you put up your old television or TV up for sale online, you should assure that it is working condition. If not, you should clearly mention it in the description so that the interested buyers know about the condition of the TV before contacting you. Also, take good quality and non- blurry photographs of the TV. This 01=will the prospective buyers a good idea of the TV. Most importantly, if you have the original bill of the television, you should attach a photograph of it also. This assures the prospective buyers of the authenticity of the product.

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  • Flipkart and classifieds are mediums via which business owners sell their products. Depending on a number of aspects, a business owner should decide on which to sell their products or select both. Few of these aspects are the type of product, inventory count, the level of competition, fees associated with placing ads etc. Though both have benefits, three are certain cons associated with both. Both the advantages and disadvantages depend on business to business.

    The advantages of Flipkart include prospect of huge customer base which become repeat customers. If the customers like your product and the service you provide, they would surely repeat their orders from your brand. Also, if you have a huge inventory, this medium of business sale is preferred. Flipkart has a large online presence which is very beneficial from the business point of view for business owners. There are so many different categories and subcategories to buy and sell in Flipkart.

    Now, the disadvantages. There are fees associated with Flipkart which is not the case with classifieds like Sulekha, Quikr etc. These are free classifieds. Also, the aspect of margin of profit has to be calculated. One major advantage of classifieds is that even if you have a small inventory of products or one piece of item, you can sell it on that medium. Even old and used items can be sold over classifieds. One just needs to be a registered user in any of these classifieds and can start to sell products, both new and old. It is also favourable if you are looking for customers in the local region.

    Finally, as mentioned earlier, it is pertinent to research the options well and then analyze both the advantages and disadvantages of both Flipkart and different classifieds and select which medium is best for your business.

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