• Difference between Newspaper Classifieds and OLX Classifieds

    Advertising plays a key role in businesses. With advertising, the business brand gives exposure to the public which is ultimately their customer base. Classifieds Advertising in any form like displays, television advertising, radio advertising, print advertisement, billboards, announcements etc, aims to bring profit to any business. Advertising that is published in the newspapers like Times of India and Hindustan Times is called as newspaper classifieds. Classifieds that is promoted online is referred to as online classifieds. The advertisements that appear in the OLX website are referred to as OLX classifieds and come under online classifieds.

    So what exactly is the difference between newspaper classified and OLX classifieds? First of all, in comparison to the previous types of advertising, the latter is much cheaper. Secondly, the newspaper classified is more widespread than the OLX classified.  Also, OLX classifieds and such online advertising are the recent types of advertisings mediums due to the influence of what the internet has become now while newspaper classifieds are ever since newspapers came into being. Majorly, these are the main differences between these two types of classifieds.

    With the augment in the individuals moving towards the internet revolution with each passing year, online classified like OLX classified is rising in popularity. Additionally, with more and more budget kept for marketing and advertising for the promotion of the impact of online classifieds, online giants like OLX has seen remarkable growth in their classifieds sections. Companies and businesses now have a preference to present their classifieds in online classifieds like OLX Chennai and others as well along with the regular newspapers classifieds.

    The market space for online classifieds has risen tremendously over the past decade or so. Trends shows it to grow even further in the near future. Whether it is advertising via the newspapers or online mediums like OLX which are free classifieds, businesses need to advertise to create brand awareness which in turn increases their customer base.

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