• Sell On Flipkart VS Sell on Classifieds

    Flipkart and classifieds are mediums via which business owners sell their products. Depending on a number of aspects, a business owner should decide on which to sell their products or select both. Few of these aspects are the type of product, inventory count, the level of competition, fees associated with placing ads etc. Though both have benefits, three are certain cons associated with both. Both the advantages and disadvantages depend on business to business.

    The advantages of Flipkart include prospect of huge customer base which become repeat customers. If the customers like your product and the service you provide, they would surely repeat their orders from your brand. Also, if you have a huge inventory, this medium of business sale is preferred. Flipkart has a large online presence which is very beneficial from the business point of view for business owners. There are so many different categories and subcategories to buy and sell in Flipkart.

    Now, the disadvantages. There are fees associated with Flipkart which is not the case with classifieds like Sulekha, Quikr etc. These are free classifieds. Also, the aspect of margin of profit has to be calculated. One major advantage of classifieds is that even if you have a small inventory of products or one piece of item, you can sell it on that medium. Even old and used items can be sold over classifieds. One just needs to be a registered user in any of these classifieds and can start to sell products, both new and old. It is also favourable if you are looking for customers in the local region.

    Finally, as mentioned earlier, it is pertinent to research the options well and then analyze both the advantages and disadvantages of both Flipkart and different classifieds and select which medium is best for your business.

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